Are you thinking about vacationing in Vacationland?  Do you want to get away from the stresses of work, and and spend time listening to the loons on the lake or the wind through the pines?  If so, then you NEED to read this!

Seasonal vs Year Round Properties

A lot of the camps in Maine, whether on the water or on acreage, are seasonal camps.  Meaning, they may not have electricity, plumbing, or insulation.  They are usually heated by a wood stove or fireplace, and are best used between late Spring and early Fall.  Year round properties have all of the major amenities that you would expect in a living space.  The big thing to know is that seasonal properties are much harder to secure financing.  Most lenders will not finance a home that you can not use year round, as they consider it a riskier investment.  The lenders out there that will finance these properties will usually require at least 20% down

The Hurdles Of Waterfront Properties

Everyone LOVES being on the water.  Who wouldn’t!  I’d love to be able to slip my kayak in on a whims notice.  But there are some hurdles.

Many waterfront properties are in a flood zone, which means if you are financing the property flood insurance will be required by the lender.  Many of the camps for sale now are on very small lots which means your neighbors are within arms length, but the properties are closer to the water.  By buying land and building your own camp, you will be able to remedy this.  But with the ordinances in place, you have to have a minimum lot size and you can’t build as close to water as camps that currently exist.  

Buying Land And Building

This is a great way to have EXACTLY what you want out of a camp.  But many of the larger lenders do not finance raw land.  So expect to have to put down at least a 20% down payment to secure your land.


If you have any questions on who to contact about financing, or are looking for an existing camp or building your own please reach out.  I’ve been in the industry for 20+ years and know the lenders to talk to for these “out of the box’ properties, and work with some the top log home builders in the State.